Power at your finger tips..

We are pleased to announce for 2016, the launch of the RX 1, a new & innovative electric golf trolley from British based company ProCaddie

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The realisation of a unique dream

As a keen golfer with an engineering background, Ian had noticed there were no new exciting products coming to market. And so made the decision to build one, with a dream & a thought of build the best, become the best!

The thought of an individual trolley, that simply stood out from the rest, was his motivation. From concept to development & finally delivery, tomorrow & the future, was always our goal.

A 5+ year journey has allowed us to unite as one, & create the RX 1

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The definitive lines & style of this Electric Trolley, has been described as an F1 racing car in look & in style.

The amazing look of the RX 1, is in harmony with it's 21st Century look. The Battery design & style is in keeping with the trolley.

"ProCaddie" the company & the RX 1 are no ordinary combination, there forward thinking with ambition.

The RX 1 is no ordinary looking trolley, "It's an expression of freedom & a unique attitude to life".

It's small, streamlined, but powerful.

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Our range of matching bags from our introductory & premium collections, compliment both the style & look of our trolleys.

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